Lapis lazuli - silver earrings

Lapis lazuli - silver earrings
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Lapis lazuli - silver earrings
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Lapis lazuli - It is a symbol of prosperity, luck, and success. Lapis lazuli enhances and expands our intuition, promotes spiritual development, and shows visions and revelation through dreams. Lapis lazuli is an excellent dispeller of suppressed anger and regulates mood swings. It is recommended for people who find it difficult to express and demonstrate their emotions, as this stone encourages speaking the truth and inspires self-confidence. Lapis lazuli promotes clarity of thought, as well as the ability to express oneself intelligibly. Lapis lazuli is also a protective stone that can be worn to protect against psychological attacks.

MaterialSilver 925
GemstoneLapis lazuli
Size (mm)7
Made InIndia
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